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Pocono Health Foundation Awards Dr. Jordan Endowment Grant to Pike County ALS

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On Tuesday, June 18th the Pocono Health Foundation, a subset of Pocono Health System awarded Pike County Advanced Life Support (PCALS) the Dr. Claus G. Jordan Endowment Grant. The endowment, established in 1995, is dedicated to helping individuals and institutions that are committed to Pocono Medical Center and the community it serves. Dr. Claus G. Jordan Grants are awarded in June each year to innovative community health outreach programs and physician leadership initiatives.

The grant award in the amount of $2,110.00 will be used to expand PCALS’s Induced Therapeutic Hypothermia Program. Specifically, funding will be used to purchase two coolers for the current PCALS units that do not have them.

This program, started in 2010 uses cold saline infused through an IV site to cool a patient’s body that has received a return of pulse after a cardiac arrest. Cardiac arrest is most often caused by a heart attack and occurs when a patient stops breathing and no longer has a pulse.   This exciting therapy involves drastically lowering a patient’s body temperature to a hypothermic temperature. By cooling the body, toxins in the brain are prevented from accumulating. This helps reduce the amount of neurologic injury in a patient that has suffered a cardiac arrest. If this innovative treatment is used by PCALS paramedics to treat a patient in the pre-hospital environment, it is continued in the hospital for up to 72 hours and then hospital staff gradually rewarm the patient. PCALS expects to have the new coolers installed by late July.

PCALS President Mary Lou Corbett said, “We have had several success stories in the past few years in using this treatment and we are very grateful to the Pocono Health Foundation to allow us to expand this program”.

This treatment is in addition to the pharmacological, electrical and advanced airway interventions that PCALS provides to patients while assisting other ambulance services and fire departments in Pike and Wayne Counties.

PCALS is a non-profit paramedic service dedicated to providing emergency medical services to the residents and visitors of Pike and Wayne Counties. For more information call PCALS at (855) 745-3257 or log onto www.pikeals.org. Donations for PCALS can be mailed to Pike County ALS, P.O. Box 384 Dingmans Ferry, PA.

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